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A five-piece band consisting of Rick Spitler, Mike Barr, Kristen Kukic, Sean Grindle and Peter Kerchenko. HayWire plays contemporary country with a light mix of classic country thrown in. This is the longest-running band to date.

Playing Guitar


HeyRock spans the eras of rock and roll through the decades. This band is a five-piece with Rick Spitler, Lexi Bunker, Sean Grindle, John Kawalka and Jerry Grindle.



If you love The Beatles, you will love Hey Jude. People are always surprised at how close we sound to the real thing. This band is a four-piece group.

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Image by Nick Karvounis

Hey Hippie

A 60s to 70s era vibe band featuring multiple instruments. Hey Hippie is a six piece group.



We are a five-piece band that performs classic country along with classic rock tunes. The members are Rick Spitler, Carrie Barr, Benton Cooksley, Dan Long, and Mike Barr. This band gets people on the dance floor.

Electric Guitar

Hey MR.

A two-piece group playing a variety of country hits.

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This five-piece group is made up of Rick Spitler, Ashley Lindsley, Carrie Barr, Mike Barr and Lexi Bunker. It’s an eclectic mix of country, pop, and rock music with the girls’ spot-on three-part harmony. We’re classy, sassy, brassy, and bad-assy.



This is a three-piece band with Rick Spitler, Mike Barr, and Lexi Bunker. We perform modern and classic country, with a splash of pop and rock music. We are always engaging with the crowd.



This band will take you back to the time of hot rods, poodle skirts, and doo-wop. All we play are 50s and 60s classic hits. Prepare to get your twist on with this five-piece group.

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Hey Hangout

We are a four-piece band playing a mix of rock 'n roll and a little bit of country.



A three-piece ensemble playing old classic country swing music with the ability to play some rock 'n roll oldie favorites as requested.

Spinning Record


I’m currently in the process of putting together the newest up and coming band. We are combining the classic bluegrass sound with pop and rock songs, including some bluegrass and gospel standards. This band is sure to reach all ages.

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Hey Square

Hey Square is a two-piece ensamble with square dance calling and country music as requested.

Image by Sergei Sushchik

Hey Y'all

A four-piece ensemble playing country music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.


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